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Students Earn Beanstack Reward

Posted Date: 10/01/2021


September was the first month for Northside students to record time spent reading in Beanstack. The monthly goal was to average reading at least 20 minutes every day, which equals 600 minutes. Mrs. Maffett held a drawing in Beanstack for all students who met the goal of at least 600 minutes read in the Back to School challenge. These students won a book vending machine token to purchase the book of their choice.

Students standing in front of the book vending machine with the prizes they won from the contest.

Fourth grade winners are: 

Haley M

Aeris S

Steven H

Santiago C

Niko V


Fifth grade winners are:

Jaden H

Morgan T

Brian T

Beanstack Logo

Way to go students, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll read next!! #ReadersAreLeaders #Northside Rocks